What is CIA(Culinary Institute of America) and WOF(World of Flavor)

CIA, an abbreviation of Culinary Institute of America, has 4 schools in the world, Hyde Park, NY; Napa, California; San Antonio, Texas; and Singapore, and is called the Harvard in food service industry. Not only by its extensive facilities and curriculum, CIA became internationally famous with the proven record of 7 chefs of the top 10 restaurants in NY graduating from CIA. Fascinated by CIA’s facilities and curriculum, Paul Bocuse, the internationally renowned master in the culinary field, decided to send his son to CIA after visiting culinary schools in many countries, is another reason for the recent high attention to CIA.

The largest annual event is WOF (“Worlds of Flavor®”), and 39 Japanese Chefs from Team of Japan participated in 2010 Japanese cuisine event.
Hiroo Chikaraishi, our Incorporated Foundation’s Representative Director, serves as an honorary ambassador for Japan.