1. Advocating Japanese food culture and culinary traditions

Through various events and publicity conducted both domestically and internationally in conjunction with noted chefs and skilled artisans, we seek to advocate Japanese cuisine and traditions of hospitality.

2. Providing Japanese cuisine experiences to visitors to Japan and supporting the nurturing of human resources

To promote a better understanding of Japanese culture, throughout the different regions of the country, we provide both high-quality cuisine and hospitality experiences to non-Japanese visitors.
Furthermore, on an irregular basis, for the benefit of overseas students, the foundation also actively undertakes to offer support to international exchange programs for the passing on of Japan’s culinary culture.

3. Supporting the preservation of traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors

In aiming to pass on the traditional culinary cultures of the nation’s various regions, we provide support to groups and individuals who are engaged in using and producing traditional ingredients, and to those who are involved in preserving various flavors and cooking methods, etc.

4. Establishing educational institutions for food industry

Centering on the needs of the food industry, for the purpose of nurturing the development of highly-skilled individuals who are capable of working in service industries, we aim to establish world-class educational institutions which focuses is on food. Such institution shall be established in order to nurture the “food innovators” capable of contributing high levels of added-value to the food industry.

For everybody involved in the “food” industry, we possess the vision to establish a “culinary graduate school” which offers the highest-quality food-focused institution in Japan.

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