Special Seminar “Fermentation and the Japanese Industry”

We have hosted a special seminar with 70 participants in the gallery of Toraya Confectionary Akasaka store, on Feb. 13th, 2020. We have invited Dr. Takeo Koizumi, a doctor of agriculture and an honorary professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture, to discuss the topic of fermentation and its various roles in the Japanese industry.





It is widely known that fermentation forms the foundation of Japanese cuisine. This seminar not only focused on the use of fermentation in cooking, but further explored the various applications of fermentation in the environmental and medical fields from an academic perspective.





Dr. Koizumi has published multiple books, and has been writing a serial essay on Nikkei for more than 26 years. It was such an honor for our foundation to have been able to share his cheerful character and humor with the audience.


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