Ms. Nami Takenaka, a leading expert in self-support for the challenged (people with disabilities), Mr. Toshiya Kakiuchi and Mr. Takao Tamino who runs a business to promote wheelchair accessible universal design visited our office.

In far left, Ms. Nami Takenaka (Nami-nei), a  leading  expert  in  self-support activities, representative of Prop Station, a non-profit  social welfare organization and in far right, Hiroo Chikaraishi, our foundation representative. Toshiya Kakiuchi, Representative Director and President of Mirairo K.K., … 続きを読む

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Old activity

Ever since founded in April 2011, we have been working on Tohoku support activity “Soul of Tohoku – Let us Protect Tohoku  Cuisine”  as  our  key immediate  project. Soul  of  Tohoku,  in  large,  comprise  of  three projects.   First  is  “Proposing  … 続きを読む

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