1st Food Business Management Program (FBMP)

We held seven days intensive program of our 1st Food Business Management Program (FBMP) at the Nihonbashi Training Center of Japan Learning Co.,Ltd.between Janurary 16 and March 20,2019.  It was the experimental program to build a higher educational food business program in the future.

Our Food Business Management Program (FBMP) is the very first program which is designed for young entrepreneurial professionals and executives who would be the future  leaders of food business industry. The 20 participants from 14 leading companies of our members learned how to identify,understand,and solve the issues that are unique to the food business. They learned from the most experienced minds of culture food business from various fields, such as CEOs of the world renowned food service companies,professors of MBA programs of top companies,professors of MBA programs of top universities in Japan, and other professionals established their own business. The skill set they learned from FBMP would be beneficial for them not only to lead the companies they are working for, but also to become a leader of whole food-related industry in Japan.

We would like to reflect the voices from the participants to progress our FBMP, and we are now planning the 2nd FBMP starting from September 11th to November 20th. Please save your date and RSVP to save your seat for this exclusive opportunity for our members.

Please send an email us at soul-of-japan@chikaraishi.jp to inquire about this program.


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