Charity Dinner to Support the Victims of Napa and Sonoma Fires “Napa & Sonoma Relief”

On March 25 and 26, Charity Dinner and Hero’s Dinner to support the victims of Napa and Sonoma fires, was held successfully at Single Thread Farm Restaurant in Healdsburg, California. Many participated the event and Soul of Japan could send 6 chefs from Japan.

According to Chef Kyle Connaughton, the owner chef of Single Thread Farm who has generously supported the event, said that the charity dinner raised over USD 500,000. – and it is still raising until now.



Overall, the event concluded with a tremendously high reputation. The 6 chefs from Japan has actively communicated well with the Single Thread Farm staff and thus, despite the limited time, they became a great team. The night before the charity dinner, the chef team could drive through the areas which suffered from the fire and by seeing the disaster area, the chef team realized the devastating seriousness of the disaster and the importance of the event.

Nothing would not have happened without the thoughtfulness and generosity of the members of Soul of Japan who has kindly supported the event. Soul of Japan fully appreciates all the understanding and cooperation of the members. In addition, many of the media attended the event and the activities of Soul of Japan has been widely introduced.

Soul of Japan wishes to continue to actively work with various perspectives under the principles of the foundation.

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