Ms. Nami Takenaka, a leading expert in self-support for the challenged (people with disabilities), Mr. Toshiya Kakiuchi and Mr. Takao Tamino who runs a business to promote wheelchair accessible universal design visited our office.

In far left, Ms. Nami Takenaka (Nami-nei), a  leading  expert  in  self-support activities, representative of Prop Station, a non-profit  social welfare organization and in far right, Hiroo Chikaraishi, our foundation representative.

Toshiya Kakiuchi, Representative Director and President of Mirairo K.K., promoting wheelchair  accessible  universal  design in front right and, Mr. Takao Tamino, executive VP in front left.

Mirairo K.K. is a company that offers lectures and trainings  on  knowledge  and service hospitalities toward elderly and disabled people,  and  develops wheelchair  accessible  maps   featuring information   necessary   for physically challenged people.

Our foundation will work on promoting the hospitality culture to the challenged in cooperation with these people.

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