Organized CIA “Culinary Tour of Japan 2018”

CIA “Culinary Tour of Japan 2018” took place from Wednesday, August 29 to Friday, September 9, 2018 and 14 students studying Japanese culinary at CIA participated.

Soul of Japan had the opportunity to plan and organize the entire itinerary. The tour started in Tokyo, Kyoto, Mie and concluded in Osaka, and many who have strong connection with the foundation supported the tour.

At Yanagihara Cooking School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine, lectures and demonstrations were given;

soba by Chef Yoshinori Horii, Sarashina Horii, tempura by Chef Hitoshi Arai, Kagurazaka Tempura Tenko, dashi by Chef Naoyuki Yanagihara, Yanagihara Cooking School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine Edo Kaiseki Kinsaryu, and sushi by Chef Yoshinori Tezuka of Matsunozushi.

Students visited Hotel de Mikuni and a lecture was given by the owner chef Kiyomi Mikuni.

Also, they visited Suntory Holdings Limited, Kikkoman Corporation, Kai Corporation, Iio Jozo Co., Ltd., TORAYA CONFECTIONERY CO., LTD., NAGATANI SEITO CO., LTD., TAKIJIMAN SAKE BREWING CO., LTD., and Tsuji Culinary Institute and were given impressive lectures. Deep gratitude to Asakusa Asadori, Sougo Japanese Shojin Restaurant, Unagi Kappou Shinkawa, YAKITORI HACHIBEI, Takeshigerou, aceto, Nanzenji Jyunsei, HYOTEI, Izakaya SUIKODEN and YAKI-YAKI Miwa for supporting the tour for their meals.

Students not only experienced and obtained the knowledge on Japanese culinary, but also learned about Japanese history and culture. The students returned safely with valuable and fruitful experiences.

Soul of Japan is looking forward to providing opportunity to foreign visitors to experience Japanese culinary and to support the development of human resources.


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