Supported Stanford University and Keio University International Exchange Program (SKIP) 2018

We supported SKIP 2018 organized by Keio University on Monday, September 10, 2018.

This was our third time supporting the program since 2016. As the opening of the day, Mr. Suguru Sato of Kai Corporation gave a lecture on the history and features of knives, and how Kai Corporation considers tradition and modernity. Following the lecture, a sharpener (specialist to whet knives) gave a demonstration.

After the demonstration, Chef Masakatsu Kezuka and Chef George Anthony of Minokichi gave a lecture on the history of Minokichi, traditional Kyo-style Kaiseki and freshwater fish cuisine. Participants could see how “dashi” is made and taste the basic broth of Japanese cuisine. Also, participants experienced decorative curving to understand the professional cutting skills.

Lastly, Mr. Mitsuharu Kurokawa, Vice President, Patissier Kazuyuki Moriyama and Patissier Yoshitaka Yamane of Toraya Confectionery Co., Ltd. gave lecture on the history of Toraya and how to make traditional Japanese confectionery along with tradition and modernity. Participants could see the demonstration and experience making a piece.

“What was it that I have been considering as Japanese food until today,” one of the Stanford University student said.

The program was a great opportunity to introduce the authentic Japanese culture and food culture. Soul of Japan will continue to contribute to promote Japanese food culture.

Our deepest gratitude to Kai Corporation, Minokichi, Inc., Toraya Confectionery Co., Ltd. and Suntory Holdings Limited.


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